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  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 7 Videos
    • 38 Mins

    In this lesson you’re going to learn some killer riffs and techniques that will push your prog playing to the limit. Starting with some simple progressions we’ll jam together and exchange solos then transform those chords into super tight, advanced prog riffs.

    If you’re still thirsty for more then come join me on a deep dive into sweeping arpeggios and how to lock your sweeping in time with a drum beat.

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 16 Videos
    • 44 Mins

    Rhythm playing is one of those areas that is often overlooked, whether it’s because your timing isn’t so great or you just don’t have enough elements to create really killer sounding riffs.

    This lesson covers every aspect of my approach to rhythm playing, and it’s packed full of tips and insights that you’ll be able to pick up and apply to your playing today, whether you’re just starting our or you’ve been playing for years!

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 4 Videos
    • 26 Mins

    Do you want to learn how to create monsterous, massive sounding riffs? In this lesson I’m going to break down my entire riff creation process from the ground up and give you all of the tools you need to write your own huge, monster riffs easily.

    We’ll look at how we can make our chords sound massive, simple methods to make your riffs more exciting, and plenty of other tips and techniques that will really bring your riff ideas to life.

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 4 Videos
    • 40 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to break down three different riffs – they use a range of different techniques which I’ll break down for you as we go through each one.

    I’ll also include loads of insights into how you can devise your own blazing riffs by working on simple ideas and elevate them to the next level!