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Every Wednesday we launch new, fun guitar lessons packed full of tips and insights to help you become an awesome guitarist.

  • How To Play Fast

    How To Play Fast

    • 6 Lessons
    • 15 mins

    There are a few things people get wrong when they try to start playing at high speed, so let me show you exactly how to approach playing fast – from how to practice right up to choosing when and how to apply your new speedy techniques to your playing.

    I’ve also got a great exercise to show you and there are lots of cool tips sprinkled throughout this lesson to get you going from 0-60 in no time!

  • Drive Riff

    Drive Riff

    • 4 Lessons
    • 19 mins

    Today we’re going to break down a track of mine called Drive. We’re going to break down the techniques involved and show you how to use controlled, slow sweeping to create a really cool effect on the arpeggios – I’ve included an exercise that will really help you master this technique.

    I’ll also show you how you can write and come up with a concept like this by linking together simple ideas and turning them into something mindblowing!

  • Top Tapping Tips

    Top Tapping Tips

    • 10 Lessons
    • 24 mins

    We’re really gonna show the fretboard the finger today – because this lesson is all about tapping!

    I’m going to teach you all of my favourite tapping techniques and really break them down and show you exactly what’s going on, how to approach the techniques and why you’d want to use them in your playing.

  • Arpeggios Everyone Should Know

    Arpeggios Everyone Should Know

    • 6 Lessons
    • 19 mins

    I use arpeggios all of the time within licks or to transition between different parts of the neck when soloing.

    In this video I’m going to show you the major and minor arpeggio shapes that I think everyone should know, as well as some 3 octave and diminished patterns that are a bit less common but still amazingly useful.

    I also explain the best practices for fingering these patterns, and how to think ahead when playing to ensure your fingers are in the correct position during a transition.

  • Unlocking The Fretboard

    Unlocking The Fretboard

    • 6 Lessons
    • 18 mins

    One of the most common questions I get asked is: “How do I break out from playing the same licks right in the middle of the fretboard all of the time”

    I’m going to show you some scales that all link up together and explain how you can use them to unlock the entire fretboard – giving you much more clarity on how to can come up with great note choices, breathe some fresh life into your playing and improve your improvisation skills in any key.

  • Don’t Be So Chromatic

    Don’t Be So Chromatic

    • 6 Lessons
    • 18 mins

    I absolutely love chromatics, when used in the right place they can add some crazy sounds to licks and solos!

    When you’re practicing chromatics there are few different ways you can do it, and there are a few things that can trip you up.

    In this lesson we’re going to talk about some of my favourite patterns to use, how to practice them and also how chromatics can really help improve your picking technique.

  • Vibrato


    • 6 Lessons
    • 14 mins

    Today we’ve got a cool lesson coming up on all things vibrato…

    It’s not just hitting a note and wiggling it – there are many different types of vibrato! In this lesson I’ll show you some of my favourite types of vibrato and explain why I like them.

    I’ve also got some cool tips and exercises to show you to help you improve your vibrato technique.



    • 6 Lessons
    • 16 mins

    Going hard on your whammy bar can be a lot of fun, but not everything needs to be crazy wobbles and epic dive-bombs. You can use the trem in lots of different ways, and I like using it for subtle accents, adding expression to my playing, and creating cool rhythmic techniques.

    In the intro you’ll see me using all of these techniques, which I’ll demonstrate and explain throughout the rest of the videos. Enjoy!

  • Top 10 Warm Up Tips

    Top 10 Warm Up Tips

    • 2 Lessons
    • 13 mins

    Hey! So before you even play guitar, it’s really important to warm up and get yourself into the right frame of mind.

    I’m going to show you my top 10 tips covering everything from posture, stretching, hand positioning, exercises and more, so that whenever you play guitar you’ll be at your best!

  • Double Stoppage

    Double Stoppage

    • 4 Lessons
    • 7 mins

    I love the double stop technique – it just takes people by surprise every time! It’s such a unique sound and there’s no way to fake it, the sound has to come from the technique itself.

    It’s quite straightforward but you do have to commit to a little bit of practice to get all of the notes sounding clear and at the right level.

    So let’s break down exactly what it is, check out some variations of the technique and see how it sounds!

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