Legato Guitar Lessons

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  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 6 Videos
    • 32 Mins

    If you’ve wanted to incorporate legato into your playing this is the lesson for you – I’m going to give you all of the tools and information you need to incorporate this fun and explosive technique into your playing today!

    This lesson covers the fundamentals relating to the tone and mechanics of legato playing, as well as some deep dives into various ways I use legato in my own playing. It’s packed with tips and tricks as well as a selection of simple, quick exercises that will take your legato chops to the next level.

  • Stel Andre
    • 3 Videos
    • 13 Mins

    Today I’m going to teach you a really cool melodic rock lick that you can use to improve your improvisation and overall lead game.

    I’ll break down the full lick for you and explain how it is constructed as well as some of the theory behind it, followed by some awesome exercises which will help you improve the legato techniques required to play these types of licks.

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 4 Videos
    • 28 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to show you two very different approaches to using Legato. We’re gonna cover that real fast old-school 90s style before moving right to the present with my current approach to Legato. It’s much more subtle, and allows for some killer note combinations.

    I’ve also included a mighty exercise that’s guaranteed to give you melon crushing abilities ๐Ÿ‰ ๐Ÿฅ‹

  • Micky Crystal
    • 3 Videos
    • 12 Mins

    Hey guys, Micky Crystal here and today I’ve got a very cool hybrid picking legato lick for you.

    I’m going to show you a couple of cool exercise to go along with this, and once you’ve learned the lick and the ideas behind it’ll enable you to create your own awesome hybrid picking legato licks.

  • Connor Kaminski
    • 4 Videos
    • 6 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to show you a pretty crazy lick of mine, using the Mixolydian mode. Don’t worry if you aren’t confident with modes, there’s actually only one note difference between Mixolydian and Major, but it gives this lick a totally different flavour!

    Although it’s fairly short, this lick packs in a ton of different techniques including alternate picking, legato picking, sweep picking and a really cool sounding string skip octave section right at the end.

  • Kieran Johnston
    • 3 Videos
    • 9 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to teach you an awesome string skipped arpeggio sequence, very similar in style to one of my all-time favourite guitarists – Paul Gilbert.

    I’ll break this lick down for you and include plenty of insights and tips – including how you can put some variations on this lick and extend it with tapping, as well as some examples on how you can incorporate it into real-world playing situations.

  • Kieran Johnston
    • 3 Videos
    • 11 Mins

    As guitar players it’s very easy for us to get stuck playing the same shapes. Instead of trying to break away from this, sometimes all you need to do is inject some new ideas and techniques to add a little more flavour into the shapes you’re already playing.

    In this lesson I’ll show you how to spice up standard pentatonic shapes by demonstrating a lick that uses a variety of techniques, I’ll break this down for you and show you how it all comes together.

  • Kieran Johnston
    • 3 Videos
    • 8 Mins

    Hey guys, it’s Kieran here. I’ve got an awesome legato lick which I’m going to break down and I’ve also got some cool exercises to go along with it to really build up that left hand strength. Let’s do it!