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Are you stuck on a lick? Struggling to nail a technique? Looking for tone or production tips? Send in a video to get feedback and advice on your playing, or just ask a question and we'll answer it for you!

Q: How can I get better at alternate picking?

Today we’re going to check out a picking question from School of McRock member James. He seems to be struggling when it comes to picking speed to let’s see what suggestions we can come up with!

Q: How do you write a song that tells a story?

Long standing School of McRock member Joey submitted this really interesting question. There are a couple of approaches I take to songwriting, so let me break those down for you and hopefully give you some insights and inspiration!

Q: Why Are Descending Runs Harder to Pick?

This question comes from Liam who is having some trouble with alternate picking runs. He’s fine going from the high to low strings, but changing direction seems to require a great deal more concentration and is causing him to trip up. This is a tough problem and I totally understand the frustration, but I do have a solution!

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