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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 5 Videos
    • 44 Mins

    When you fire up a wah-wah pedal, it’s really easy to fall into playing cliche funk lines (which is a lot of fun) but this humble pedal is capable of so much more.

    In this lesson you’re going to learn some new techniques using wah-wah which will add an extra layer of excitement and expression to your playing – whether you’re shredding high-gain solos or playing chilled, ambient chords.

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 6 Videos
    • 35 Mins

    Funk guitar is one influence that can be found over and over again in my playing, whether I’m writing prog riffs, noodling around with clean tones, or anything in between. It’s so versatile and filled with many little techniques that will add flair to your playing in any genre.

    This lesson will help you break out of your current mindset to come up with new ideas and note combinations as well as improve your timing and sync between your picking and fretting hands – I even include a full tone overview detailing exactly how I dial in my funk tones!

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 5 Videos
    • 54 Mins

    Do you have plenty of plugins and pedals but you’re not sure whether you’re making the most of them? In this lesson I’m going to break down the entire signal chain and explain every piece in detail so you know exactly how to construct amazing tones from awesome cleans to dirty high gain lead sounds.

    So if you’re confused about gain structure, stacking overdrives, where to place specific effects or anything else involving your signal chain then this lesson is going to make everything crystal clear once and for all!

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 5 Videos
    • 38 Mins

    Today I wanted to show you how I like to use .8th pattern delays to create really interesting sounding licks.

    There’s actually quite a lot of work that goes into making this effect sound great such as way you approach your picking, how you’re muting, your left hand work and more… let me break it down for you!

  • Instagram Licks II
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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 4 Videos
    • 29 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to break down an entertaining but challenging sequence that I wrote for a fun social media post. As well as teaching you how to play the parts I’m also going to explain how I wrote, recorded and edited this post for Instagram.

    I’m going to break everything down for you step-by-step so that you have everything you need to get this piece nailed – as well as all my secrets and tips on how to make a great piece of guitar content for social media.

Thomas McRocklin

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