Backing Tracks

Listen to or download our studio-quality backing tracks - new ones are added every Friday.




Distorted Dreams90 BPMEm
Hey Girl!101 BPMG
Staring into the Night67 BPMA
Mamba Beat80 BPM
Storms (Intro)108 BPMCm
Storms108 BPMCm
Syncromesh160 BPMFm
Drive115 BPMG
Funky Cod n Chips120 BPMAm
Soloing Into The Night105 BPMCm
Xmas Challenge (extended)121 BPMAm
The Ultimate Workout158 BPMEm
Neon Skies (Solo)100 BPM
Neon Skies (Jam)100 BPM
Fusion (Vibrato Lesson)96 BPMCm
New Beginnings79 BPMBm
New Beginnings (Verse 2)79 BPMBm
Follow The Light (Verse 2)75 BPMF#m
Follow The Light (Verse 1)75 BPMF#m
Follow The Light75 BPMF#m
Follow The Light (Djent)75 BPMBm
Follow The Light (Chorus)75 BPMF#m
Closed Doors153 BPMA
Closed Doors (Chorus 2)153 BPMF#m
Closed Doors (Chorus 1)153 BPMF#m
Closed Doors (Middle 8)153 BPMC#m
Closed Doors (Verse)153 BPMA
Sweep Picking (Drums)94 BPMBm
Sweep Picking (Drums and Bass)94 BPMBm
Sweep Picking94 BPMBm

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