Speed Guitar Lessons

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 8 Videos
    • 30 Mins

    A lot of people approach picking as a black and white thing but the right hand is often capable of adding so much to your playing than you might think!

    In this video I’m going to go right from the top, breaking down my entire approach to picking and teaching you how properly utilise picking techniques to unlock extra expression in your playing, power in your chords and speed in your licks.

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 2 Videos
    • 15 Mins

    One of the most effective methods I use to improve the speed and smoothness of guitar licks is to take a step back and explore different ways to optimise what I’m playing.

    This can feel uncomfortable at first as you need to retrain your brain – and fingers – to approach things in a different way, but once you begin applying this simple concept to your playing you’ll begin to open up new ways to play licks faster and more fluently, whilst saving literally hours and hours of practice time!

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 7 Videos
    • 22 Mins

    Does your playing turn to mush when you try to pick at a high speed? In this lesson I’m going to take you on an epic picking journey and show you everything you need to know to improve your picking speed without sacrificing note clarity.

    We’re going to push your hands to their physical limits –  and then I’ll show you the only exercises you ever need to know to level up your picking speed (including a pattern which has improved my picking speed more than any other exercise I’ve ever learned).

  • How To Play Fast
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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 5 Videos
    • 40 Mins

    Everyone loves to play fast, right? But there’s a big difference between sloppy licks and exciting, articulate but blazing fast playing.

    In this lesson, I’m going to show you all of my tips and tricks on how to play fast, from how to practice properly right through to how to incorporate your newfound speed into your playing in a tasteful way. Trust me, when we’re done you’re gonna be unstoppable.

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 2 Videos
    • 10 Mins

    This lick is packed full of sweeping, lightning-fast runs and unexpected slides – it’s like a full-blown fireworks display across the neck. If you struggle with making your transitions from alternate picking to sweeping or sliding smooth and seamless, this lesson is a must-watch.

    But that’s not all! I’ll also reveal a subtle eye-coordination trick that I personally rely on a lot in my playing. It’s all about enhancing your eye-to-hand accuracy, making it much easier to glide around the neck without making mistakes. This is a Fast Frets lesson, so you don’t need hours of free time to reap the benefits.

Thomas McRocklin

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