Rhythm Guitar Lessons

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  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 6 Videos
    • 35 Mins

    Funk guitar is one influence that can be found over and over again in my playing, whether I’m writing prog riffs, noodling around with clean tones, or anything in between. It’s so versatile and filled with many little techniques that will add flair to your playing in any genre.

    This lesson will help you break out of your current mindset to come up with new ideas and note combinations as well as improve your timing and sync between your picking and fretting hands – I even include a full tone overview detailing exactly how I dial in my funk tones!

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 2 Videos
    • 15 Mins

    In this lesson we’re going to take a few nice sounding chords and use them to build a chord progression packed full of groove, flow and all of the details that make it sound absolutely popping.

    As we move forward step-by-step I’ll show you all of the subtle tips and tricks I use to turn simple chords into something amazing. Even better, you’ll be able to use the techniques I show you to instantly transform your old riffs and song ideas by injecting them with extra detail and expression!

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 5 Videos
    • 31 Mins

    Are you one of those guitarists who struggle to play in sync with a drum groove?

    This lesson is really going to help you improve your sense of timing and rhythm. I’m going to show you how to tightly lock your guitar playing into any drum beat.

    We’ll start off with a really simple phrase and get it locked in tightly before we spice it up with some cool rhythmic patterns and techniques. As an added bonus I’ll also teach you my favourite hack which lets you fit licks into any passage super easily.

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 7 Videos
    • 38 Mins

    In this lesson you’re going to learn some killer riffs and techniques that will push your prog playing to the limit. Starting with some simple progressions we’ll jam together and exchange solos then transform those chords into super tight, advanced prog riffs.

    If you’re still thirsty for more then come join me on a deep dive into sweeping arpeggios and how to lock your sweeping in time with a drum beat.

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 6 Videos
    • 44 Mins

    This lesson is all about percussive strumming and everything that goes with it! We start right with the basics of how you need to control each of your hands and build things up from there until you’re able to play these awesome, unique sounding licks.

    I even show you some cool ways to break up chords, introduce tap extensions and more – in fact the final part of this lesson contains possibly the most mind-blowing technique that I’ve ever heard!

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 16 Videos
    • 44 Mins

    Rhythm playing is one of those areas that is often overlooked, whether it’s because your timing isn’t so great or you just don’t have enough elements to create really killer sounding riffs.

    This lesson covers every aspect of my approach to rhythm playing, and it’s packed full of tips and insights that you’ll be able to pick up and apply to your playing today, whether you’re just starting our or you’ve been playing for years!