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  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 6 Videos
    • 44 Mins

    This lesson is all about percussive strumming and everything that goes with it! We start right with the basics of how you need to control each of your hands and build things up from there until you’re able to play these awesome, unique sounding licks.

    I even show you some cool ways to break up chords, introduce tap extensions and more – in fact the final part of this lesson contains possibly the most mind-blowing technique that I’ve ever heard!

  • Thomas McRocklin
    • 5 Videos
    • 44 Mins

    When you fire up a wah-wah pedal, it’s really easy to fall into playing cliche funk lines (which is a lot of fun) but this humble pedal is capable of so much more.

    In this lesson you’re going to learn some new techniques using wah-wah which will add an extra layer of excitement and expression to your playing – whether you’re shredding high-gain solos or playing chilled, ambient chords.

  • Backing Track
    Bring The Funk
    Thomas McRocklin
    • 6 Videos
    • 28 Mins

    When I was playing on stage with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, one of the ways that I really stood out in some of those shred battles was by introducing some funk in my playing.

    Today I’m going to teach you some of those methods so you use them to create your own fresh sound! I’m even going to share with you a technique I learned from my time living with Steve Vai which I use almost every time I play guitar.