Kieran Johnston

Kieran Johnston

With years of gigging, recording and teaching under his belt, Kieran is an experienced guitar tutor, teaching players from beginner to advanced level.

As well as being the lead guitarist of award-winning metal band Perpetua, Kieran is also an artist with Charvel, EMG, D’Addario, Jim Dunlop and Horizon Devices.

Kieran Johnston

Recent Lessons

  • Alternate Picking
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    Kieran Johnston
    • 3 Videos
    • 8 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to teach you an awesome alternate picking lick inspired by the likes of John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert.

    If you’ve seen my instagram you’ll probably notice I like playing this lick – a lot! Now you can too! I’ll even teach you an exercise that will help you nail that nice clean pick attack. Let’s get to it!

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    Kieran Johnston
    • 3 Videos
    • 9 Mins

    In this lesson I’m going to teach you an awesome string skipped arpeggio sequence, very similar in style to one of my all-time favourite guitarists – Paul Gilbert.

    I’ll break this lick down for you and include plenty of insights and tips – including how you can put some variations on this lick and extend it with tapping, as well as some examples on how you can incorporate it into real-world playing situations.

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    Kieran Johnston
    • 3 Videos
    • 11 Mins

    As guitar players it’s very easy for us to get stuck playing the same shapes. Instead of trying to break away from this, sometimes all you need to do is inject some new ideas and techniques to add a little more flavour into the shapes you’re already playing.

    In this lesson I’ll show you how to spice up standard pentatonic shapes by demonstrating a lick that uses a variety of techniques, I’ll break this down for you and show you how it all comes together.

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SoM Student
SoM Student
I have been playing guitar for 3 years and I have tried JamPlay, Truefire, YouTube... but the progress I have made in 1 month here with your lessons is unbelievable.
SoM Student
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