Tim Hutchinson

Tim Hutchinson

As the other half of McRocklin & Hutch – Tim “Hutch” Hutchinson is known as an accomplished songwriter and producer, but he’s also a talented shred guitarist!

With a background in both academic education and private music tuition, Tim takes a relaxed, methodical approach to his lessons, teaching sometimes complicated topics in a way that explains things clearly without being overwhelming.

Tim is also a professional music coach, with a passion for helping DJ/producers, musicians and composers to make better music, become better players and build up their music businesses.

Tim Hutchinson

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Recent Lessons

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    Thomas McRocklin
    • 8 Videos
    • 34 Mins

    In this lesson, I’ve teamed up with Hutch to bring you a selection of each of our favourite exercises covering things like legato, finger strength and dexterity, alternate picking, sweep picking and more!

    Most of these exercises are very quick and easy to learn, you can do most of them in just 20-40 seconds and with a few repetitions and they’ll have a massive impact on your strength, dexterity and ultimately your playing.

  • You and Me Solo 1 Breakdown
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    Tim Hutchinson
    • 2 Videos
    • 24 Mins

    During the McRocklin & Hutch track “You and Me” Thomas and I trade guitar solos back and forwards – in this lesson I’m going to break down the first solo from that exchange.

    This solo strings together multiple techniques such as pick slanting, arpeggios, tapping, cross picking and hammer ons out of nowhere so there’s a lot to learn! To make things easier I break the solo down into 6 short sections so you can learn a piece at a time in just a few minutes.

  • Black Line Shred Lick
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    Tim Hutchinson
    • 3 Videos
    • 16 Mins

    Today I’m going to show you one of my favourite go-to shred licks. This lick features a variety of techniques – sweep picking, hammer ons, pull offs – and a lot of muting to go along with those to improve your note separation and clarity.

    Before we get into the lick itself I’m also going to demonstrate my approach to playing major arpeggios – so that you can apply these skills to your own playing and licks!