Oliver Christian, a.k.a Liverplate, is a Brazilian musician, guitarist and composer, with rock/metal/fusion/latin influences. He has been establishing a solid fan base in the guitar world and gaining recognition for his fresh and unique playing style. His demonstration of innovative techniques paired with his melodic sense of style has secured prizes and notable achievements in multiple international guitar contests!


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Recent Lessons

  • Aeolian Lick Breakdown
    Backing Track
    Aeolian Lick Breakdown
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    • 2 Videos
    • 7 Mins

    This special guest lesson features a blazing solo breakdown from Oliver “Liverplate” Christian, the super-talented instrumental guitarist from Brazil who is making huge waves in the industry.

    As well as fully breaking down this fun and impressive solo, he also includes lots of cool insights into the way that he approaches playing the guitar, including some killer tips that I’m definitely going to start using myself!