Borja Mintegiaga

Borja Mintegiaga is a guitar player, guitar teacher & educator, producer from Donostia/San Sebastián (Basque Country).

He is the guitarist for Lampr3a (Progressive Instrumental Metal), Baalphegor (Technical Brutal Death Metal), Gory Delivery (Brutal Death Metal) and proud endorsee of Kiesel Guitars, Hesu, Swiss Picks and Neural DSP.

Borja Mintegiaga

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  • Borja Mintegiaga
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    In this lesson I’m going to teach you a cool, creative string skipping tapping lick as well some tips to carry out to help you with this style of playing.

    Sometimes with licks based on modulations, modal interchanges, complex harmony etc, we can find ourselves a bit lost. I bet you have had that feeling, haven’t you? Don’t worry, I’m also going to explain the harmony behind this lick and how it is constructed!