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The Horizon Devices Apex Preamp is a personal favourite of mine. It's awesome for tight rhythms and killer lead tones.

If you want to win your own Apex Preamp - simply register or try School of McRock free at any point in January. You'll automatically be entered into the prize draw.

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Good luck everyone!

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Win a Horizon Devices Apex Preamp

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  • I’m really enjoying the School of McRock content, the structure of the lessons is brilliant.
  • There's already so much in those lessons that I'm finding myself trying to get better organized with my practice time to fit more of your stuff in!
  • Thank you for such an amazing experience!
  • I love School of McRock, definitely a game changer!
  • I really like School of McRock and you have been an inspiration to me on my quest to play more deftly with greater speed. I really like your lessons that provide drills to hone the techniques that you demonstrate.
  • Thanks for doing the online classes they are doing wonders to my playing!
  • Thanks for all the amazing content, so stoked you are doing these lessons.
  • Love the site and all of the lessons have been really helpful
  • I really admire your talent but mostly your hard work. I can’t wait to find out more about your picking techniques and all other crazy secrets.
  • Thanks for your support and your amazing lessons, you’re a massive inspiration to me and I hope I can figure this guitar maze out step by step with your help :)

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