Play my new brand new Kiesel guitar

The awesome guys at Kiesel have just added a brand new model to their line up - the Headless Delos (HD) and this one's mine! 😳

Kiesel HD guitar

So here’s something sick... you guys can play it before me!

Do you want to play this awesome guitar before I do and bag some wicked Kiesel merch as well as the deluxe version of my album including all the backing tracks??

All you need to do is visit Kiesel at NAMM (booth 4340). Take a selfie with my guitar, post and tag @mcrocklin and @kieselguitars - use hashtag #kieselhdmcrock and fill in the form below to claim.

One winning selfie will also receive a signed McRocklin & Hutch CD and customised McRocklin pick tin!

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