How To Solo

Do you feel lost when soloing, or feel like you’re just reciting scales and struggle to put together something cool and interesting?

In this lesson I show you how to construct a solo from scratch, beginning with following a chord progression very closely and gradually introducing new approaches that you can use to access more interesting note choices and add variety to your playing.

Soloing Around The Neck

If you’ve been wanting to up your improv game or just get familiar with playing all around the neck with different sounds, then this is the lesson for you!

Let me guide you through my entire thought process when it comes to improv playing, from first hearing a track through to identifying which scales, arpeggios and notes I think will work over it. I also show you how to use this information to solo and improvise in any position on the fretboard, with plenty of tips and insights along the way!

Constructing a Great Solo

Do you know what makes a great solo? In this lesson I break down the entire process of how you can construct an effective guitar solo from scratch.

I start at the very beginning and teach you what you should think about before you play your first note, guiding you through the process of developing your initial ideas over time and refining them into an amazing solo. I’ve also made sure to pack in tons of practical tips along the way to give you inspiration and make sure that you never get stuck throughout the process.

Explosive Solo Tips

In this lesson I’m going to show you my top tips and techniques for creating more explosive guitar solos!

For each of my tips I’ll breaking down these a lick and show you why they’re effective and when to use them – as well as walk you through the more difficult parts with plenty of advice and insights that you will be able to apply to any aspect of your playing. Strap in and let’s go!

Don’t Get Stuck

We all know the feeling – no matter how much you practice at home, you pick up a guitar in a store or get on stage and your mind goes completely blank!

Let’s make sure that never happens to you again! Learn these improv tips and techniques and next time you’re stuck you’ll always have something cool to fall back on.

Bring The Funk

When I was playing on stage with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, one of the ways that I really stood out in some of those shred battles was by introducing some funk in my playing.

Today I’m going to teach you some of those methods so you use them to create your own fresh sound! I’m even going to share with you a technique I learned from my time living with Steve Vai which I use almost every time I play guitar.

Thomas McRocklin
Your Instructor

Thomas McRocklin

Thomas McRocklin is an English guitar player, music producer and mastering engineer. He was a child prodigy guitarist and has shared the stage with the likes of Zakk Wylde, Steve Lukather, Stuart Hamm, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, who mentored and produced Thomas as the lead guitarist in Bad4Good as well as featuring him in his music video “The Audience is Listening”.

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